Sudden incidents on the road could occur at any time. You need a regular inspection and maintenance to understanding your BMW’s latest condition to avoid any unnecessary worries. BMW Service Regular Maintenance Service Package provides up to 20% discount for comprehensive 67* inspection and maintenance items including Engine Oil Service (with engine oil filter replacement) and A/C Filter Replacement Service.

Using BMW Service Regular Maintenance Service in every 12 months or 12,000 km# will ensure that your BMW is always in the best condition so that your car could provide to the exact standards you are expecting from a BMW.

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*The number of inspection items depends on the model.
#Whichever comes first.

Premium Body Glass Coating

The BMW Premium Body Glass Coating with the exclusive Worry-free Accident Recovery Service which provides complimentary coating recovery.* By using the approved 9H coating formula, the coating is able to protect the paint surface with superb glossiness and UV protection.

The outstanding water repellence prevents water marks to keep the car body clean and shine. The all-new BMW Premium Body Glass Coating 2-Year package price^ starts from HK$9,500 only. Call 3193 6688 or click here to make an appointment now!

Extended Warranty Program

Your beloved BMW is not only a vehicle for daily commute but also a sincere partner which allows you to drive around with your family.

BMW Extended Warranty ensures your BMW to stay in top condition, giving you and your family a long lasting peace of mind. Not only covering the majority of your BMW's components, BMW Extended Warranty also offers different warranty duration options, including 3 years, 4 years and 5 years, so that you can tailor the warranty program to your budget and specific driving needs. Get you quote NOW

Christmas Promotion. Complimentary BMW Motorsport X ICE Luxury Watch

BMW Service Christmas Promotion is coming to town! From now to 31 December 2019, all BMW owners who purchase the BMW SERVICE Maintenance and Car Detailing Package will receive a surprise Christmas gift of BMW Motorsport X ICE Luxury Watch (worth HK$1,520)

Share the joy of homecoming in this festive season with your loved ones now!
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BMW SERVICE Maintenance and Car Detailing Package:
A. Premium Body Glass Coating + Premium Interior Care
B. Regular Maintenance Service Package + Extended Warranty Program
C. Premium Body Glass Coating + Regular Maintenance Service Package


BMW Service introduces the new BMW Premium Interior Care Service, providing the most superior and detailed service for the inner beauty of your BMW.  From now on, BMW owners could enjoy 20% off for 2 times of the new BMW Premium Interior Care Service at only $3,040. Act NOW!

The service uses the BMW genuine car care product for the whole car leather area. It also provides all rounded interior steam cleaning and thorough cleaning at 7 spots of the car interior. Under the new BMW Premium Interior Care Service, your car can get the best interior care and you will be very much felt like being in a brand new BMW.

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BMW SPA introduce an all-new offer. All BMW owners can enjoy 20% discount upon purchase of 2 times BMW SPA service. Moreover, owners could also enjoy the promotional price of $500 for comprehensive interior steam disinfection.

Service includes:

1. Active foam car washing.

2. Professional exterior polishing.

3. Comprehensive interior cleaning.

4. Doors rubber seals caring.

5. Engine bay cleaning

6. Wheel and Tyres cleaning.

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